Pirate Jean’s New Best Friend

The Society Islands are known for their exquisite black pearls. Therefore, I am required to bring one home to the admiral. Our search for the best pearls at the best price lead us to Tahi Pearle, which is nothing more than a little hut in front of Roma’s seaside home.

In less than a week on Raiatea, we have befriended a number of energetic outgoing island characters. Roma, proprietor of Tahi Pearle is exceptionally warm and engaging. We truly enjoyed getting to know her. She relayed the stories of her tattoos that chronicle her children, her husband’s prominence among fishermen and her life on the island.

We were looking for just one pearl. We were so enamored with her energy and stories that we left with three pearls, a bag of mangoes, half a car full of flowers, pictures and a new friend from the other end of our world.

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