Without fail, prior to each of our trips someone asks about the danger of sharks. When I snicker and attempt to reassure him that sharks are not a serious concern, he seems to think I’m being nonchalant, or cocky. Having been in the presence of sharks repeatedly, I am convinced that they just don’t care about us.


First, the numbers: Yes, sharks kill people. Globally, about ten deaths per year occur from sharks. Many more deaths occur by domestic dogs, hippos, tapeworms or snakes. On our Blue Moon trips focus our preventative efforts on the top hazards. Mosquitoes, being responsible for about 725,000 human deaths annually are by far the most dangerous organisms out there. Also, we do extensive research into the crime rates, political climates and poverty status of our destinations because humans, coming in at number two on the list kill about 475,000 other people each year. So, bug spray and common sense go a long way to keeping everybody safe.

Most people have not had the pleasure of visiting sharks in their natural environment. Admittedly, with their sharp fins and beady eyes, sharks always sport a menacing demeanor. I don’t know much about the emotional range of a shark, but they always look a tad sour to me. The reality is that sharks ignore us completely. Sharks are wholly focused on their food chain; in which we are fortunately not included. It’s like walking into a bar full of college girls. Now that I’m in my fifties, I am clearly not part of their diet.



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