So, Tell me true: Are you for SCUBA?

Pirate Jean’s going to kill me for copying this clip onto our web site. But I had to. It reminds me of our spicy French-ish shipmate.

We had such a great time diving off Sint Maarten last month that we’re going back! This time, in addition to sailing around my favorite islands, we’ll dive Sint Maarten, Sint Barths, and my personal bucket list dive, Saba. We hope you can join us November 5-12. Check out the itinerary under upcoming trips.


Special thanks to Ocean Explorers Dive Center for the great dives and the cool pics. Ocean Explorers


The Ubiquitous Coconut

Some islands are flat and sandy, some are hilly yet others are just a pile of rocks. One thing all tropical islands have in common is an abundance of coconuts.

Coconuts float. They’re good at it. I can’t tell you the times we’ve heard that familiar bonk on the side of the boat; sometimes hundreds of miles from the nearest land. When they fall on the beach and get washed out to sea, they can drift in the salt water for years before washing up on a foreign beach. Then they germinate and begin populating a new land.

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