Our Crew

Captain Trey Benefield

IMG_0754After a thirty year career in architecture and construction, Trey’s love of the sea and his need to wander finally consumed his life. In 2012, he sold his firm and purchased a yacht. He and his youngest daughter Amy lived on the yacht in the Caribbean while it was being outfitted for the cruise of a lifetime. The two spent 2013 sailing their beloved ‘Blue Moon’ from Sint Maarten across the Caribbean and the South Pacific to Australia. On their 14,000 mile grand journey they learned the ways of the sea, found unimaginable beauty, and made friends from countless cultures. Upon his return, it became clear that Trey’s future would be at sea. His US Coast Guard credential is 50 Ton Master endorsed for sailing. With over 20,000 miles across the oceans and almost three years at sea, Trey knows how to keep his guests safe and comfortable.

When pulling into a new port in a strange land, Trey’s first rule is to find out how the locals eat. By diving into the local lifestyles, Trey and Amy were able to live with a family on a tiny island in the Kingdom of Tonga, they became members of a remote village in Fiji and paddled outrigger canoes with Polynesians in the Raiatea Lagoon. By avoiding the tourist paths Trey and Amy not only learned the villager’s cuisine, but also their daily rhythms, their family values, the art they create for themselves, and their warm humor. He hopes that on each trip, he can give his guests a small taste of the cultures he has come to love.

As a life-long outdoor adventure sports enthusiast, Trey is always on the move. He is an avid road cyclist, mountain biker, and competitive triathlete. He is a professional Ski Patroller with Outdoor Emergency Care medical credentials. He loves whitewater kayaking, SCUBA diving, trail running, and surfing. More than anything else, Trey enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors and the sea with others.


Jean Severin Shipp

Jean_profileJean’s past life was as a computer analyst for twenty years. Before taking an early retirement, her last computing project was in Russia, where she was graciously invited into colleagues’ homes for evenings of food, drink, and joviality. Those multicultural evenings sparked a passion for connecting with interesting and diverse people and their cultures, which meant getting close to people, learning their daily customs, and their food!

When Jean wasn’t off to some new adventure, she brought the adventure to her doorstep. She opened her home to foreign exchange students, taught local ESL( English as a Second Language) classes, and exchanged houses (and kitchens) with families in other countries. She took cooking classes with cooks from all over the globe – Germany, France, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, and Indonesia. She spent over half a year in South America learning about Chilean cooking. As Jean creates her menus, she strives to bring to you not only an excellent culinary experience, but also some of the joy she experienced with newfound friends, as she first sampled local cuisines in their original cultures. She looks forward to pampering you and making your trip as amazing as possible. Jean also enjoys spending time with her family, dabbling in photography, and creating mosaics from shells.