French Polynesian Adventure

Motu Piti A'au, Bora Bora
Anchored Off Motu Ceran, Taha'a
Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora
Polynesian Sunset, Bora Bora
Huahine Island Adventure
Off to Snorkel, Bora Bora
Sunday Morning Service
Purple Star Apple Fruit
Fa'aroa Bay, Raiatea
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Snorkel with eagle rays, sting rays, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, black tip reef sharks, starfish, sea urchins and of course, beautiful fish and coral formations.  Take nature walks or hikes on the motus or through the jungles. Picnic on motus (islands along the fringing reefs).  Tour the marae at Taputaputea, a fascinating important historical site originating in 1000AD, or Sito Archeologico di Maeva near Huahine. Tour one of the many pearl farms on Raiatea, Huahine or Taha’a to see how they cultivate the famous Tahitian Black Pearls. Experience authentic Polynesian dancing and music. Visit daily markets to see the array of fruits and vegetables as well as indigenous arts. Explore the villages of quaint Fare and Vaitape. Tour a vanilla plantation. See the mystical blue-eyed eels of Huahine. Learn about the 500 year old fishing traps. Spend evenings enjoying exquisite international cuisine under a dizzying array of southern stars. Enjoy a sailing holiday with your professionally crewed charter to the Society Islands!

Adventure Activities Available (at an additional cost): Outrigger canoe paddling, SCUBA, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, 4×4 island tours, cycling around Bora Bora, guided hikes to Mt. Otemanu, wind surfing, kite surfing, and horseback riding.

What's Included

  • Professional Captain
  • Experienced Stew/Chef
  • Double occupancy onboard accommodations
  • Breakfast or brunch daily, five lunches, and five gourmet dinners aboard
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Daily open-bar (beer, wine, and champagne)
  • Airport transfers
  • Environmental Fees and Permits
  • Mooring fees
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Snorkeling and hikes guided by crew
  • Full day excursion on Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti
  • Organization and accompaniment on adventures and meals ashore as necessary
  • Qualified onboard emergency medical care and maritime emergency management

Note: Air travel to Raiatea, gratuities, and meals and activities onshore other than noted are not included in the price

 The following is a proposed itinerary. All planned activities are dependent on the weather and a host of other variables. The safety of the guests and the well-being of the vessel are paramount as we customize our itinerary to the conditions of the day. We have a bank of activities to keep us active and comfortable in almost any condition.

Day One: Welcome Aboard 

A sailing holiday in paradise


Our guests are met at the Raiatea airport to be transported to our awaiting yacht just outside the town of Uturoa.  A short time is taken to settle in, review our safety procedures, and go over the basics of living aboard before we set sail. Our first afternoon aboard we take a quick sail through the pass then south to Motu Cerant where we will anchor for the night inside the reef at Taha’a. There should be time to explore our anchorage by snorkeling before cocktails and dinner aboard as the sun sets.

Day Two: Sail to Huahine

Fresh tropical fruit is served with breakfast every day.

After an early breakfast aboard we will weigh anchor and head Northeast toward the island of Huahine. While underway, guests can try their luck fishing for Mahi Mahi and Tuna. Lunch will be served on board after we enter the reef that surrounds the twin islands of Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti. We will enter the lagoon near the quaint Polynesian town of Fare where we will have dinner ashore.

Day Three: Western Shore of Huahine

Snorkeling off Huahine Iti


The day begins with a leisurely breakfast aboard before heading south to explore the west side of the island’s exquisite lagoon. By mid-afternoon, we’ll be safely anchored along Huahine Iti’s western shore. There will be time for island exploration and snorkeling while Pirate Jean whips up one of her masterpieces for a sunset dinner aboard.

Day Four: Huahine Island Adventure

Poe's Outrigger and 4x4 Tour

After an early breakfast aboard, our dear friend Poe will take everyone for a day-long tour of the island by 4X4 and outrigger. Guests will experience the quintessential elements of the Society Islands including the island history, coconut and vanilla harvesting, indigenous arts, dancing, black pearl farming, and weaving. Those who opt to skip the tour are welcome to lounge aboard or explore the many sights of Fare and Huahine at their own pace. After the busy day, we will relax with cocktails and dinner aboard.

Day Five: Sail to Raiatea and Explore the Maraes

Sacred religious and social gathering place of ancient Polynesian society.

Guests and crew will enjoy an early breakfast before setting sail for the south end of Raiatea. After entering the lagoon, we’ll stop to explore the historic Maraes at Opoa, which was once the cultural and spiritual capital for all of the Polynesian island-states. Captain Trey might need some sharp eyes on the bows as we negotiate the tricky channel around the southern end of the island for dinner ashore at a local restaurant.

Day Six: Sail to Bora Bora

Sailing in the South Pacific to Bora Bora

Breakfast will be served on board before we weigh anchor and enjoy the fast northbound passage to Bora Bora. We’ll pick up a mooring at the Bora Bora Yacht Club in time for a short hike or exploration before dinner at their exquisite restaurant.

Day Seven: Explore Bora Bora

The main village of Bora Bora

Pirate Jean will prepare a hearty breakfast in preparation for the day’s optional bike ride around the island. Otherwise, a shorter walk to the WWII Cannon Emplacements offers commanding views across the lagoon. The remainder of the day can be spent in the town of Vaitape which has several fascinating restaurants and local boutiques. We will reconnect for dinner aboard.

Day Eight: Sail to Taha’a for Drift Snorkeling

Motu Tautau Coral River

After breakfast we will sail back to Taha’a where we will drop anchor inside the lagoon near the village of Tiva. We will snorkel among the coral gardens and enjoy the beach inside the lagoon. If our friend Louise is on the island, we will dinghy over to her home for an excellent dinner of local seafood and Polynesian delights.

Day Nine: Hike Across or Sail Around Taha’a

East side of Tahaa

For those ready to stretch their legs, Pirate Jean will lead a hike From Tiva, across the mountainous island to Ha’amene. Captain Trey will motor sail around the north end of the island and into the picturesque Haamene Bay where we will all reconnect. We should have time for cocktails on board before heading in for a dinner of local seafood and fine French cuisine at Bruno’s.

Day Ten: Back to Raiatea

Mt. Tapioi

We’ll make the short sail back to Raiatea in time for a leisurely lunch at a beachside “Snack” and a visit with our friend Roma. She is a true joy who loves to tell stories about her life of fishing, family and cultivating the rare black pearls on the island. If time permits, we can hike through the neighborhoods and working farms to the summit of Mount Tapioi to see the islands we have just explored and their tiny place in the vast ocean before our farewell dinner.

Day Eleven: Disembark in Raiatea for Home

Turquoise lagoons, steep mountain ranges, lush forests of French Polynesia.

Pirate Jean will serve an early breakfast before we transport guests to the airport in time to catch their flights home.


September 19-29, 2016 and May 2017

Double occupancy $5500 per person

Call 865-310-8562 to schedule your trip

Guest Reviews

French Polynesia Sailing

5 5 1
A once-in-a=lifetime adventure! We celebrated our 20th anniversary with the sailing trip in French Polynesia. We love Captain Trey, who is easy going, adventurous, and fun loving, but experienced enough to instill confidence in even the most wary sailors like me. Pirate Jean is a brilliant and delightful first mate and chef whose ability to produce gourmet meals at sea is nothing short of astounding. I loved sleeping on the deck of the sailboat under the stars (I did have a cabin but preferred the deck!). Other highlights included cycling around Bora Bora, drift snorkeling in a beautiful, shallow reef, and clinging to the deck trampoline as we splashed along through the South Pacific. Highly recommend! I hope we are able to bring the kids one day- maybe in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Yippee Ki Ye

5 5 1
This is not your average adventure! I Blue Moon is for the adventurous. These guys put you right in the middle of the excitement of the entire trip, I spent time at the helm, as a lookout and enjoying quiet times navigating between islands and just relaxing on the "beach" (the forward section of the the catamaran, resembling a trampoline) and , on land, experiencing life as the locals live it. Trey introduced us to places not on the map. We swam, just a few feet away, with a mother whale and her calf, we swam with rays and sand sharks. We climbed uncharted mountains and biked through villages that seemed untouched by time. Jean's cooking was, if anything, too good. Every meal was prepared with local produce and somehow Jean surprised us each day with great meals. Trey, in French Polynesia, was familiar with the locals and we enjoyed some dinners at places that Tripadvisor would not even have on its radar. If you are looking for a "hands on" adventure, these guys are the best.

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